Thursday, May 2, 2013

Come and let me help you.

A year ago today I was in hospice care at home. My time was short, because of the nature of the main lymphoma I have to live with. I was so grateful to be where I was, able to see my loved ones OK, able to know that life is so good. Today, I am in partial remission once again, taking a drug that wasn't available to me a year ago, having a chance at even more time, and out of hospice care! I am walking for months now, wearing clothes on most days, able to see with my eyes and not just my heart. Go ahead, complain about anything to me, I love you, I see your challenges, frustrations, pain and hurts. But, for me, my hurts, my disappointments, they pale in the presence of this gift of existence, for me and for you.Let's Help Rebecca Save Lives!