Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're hanging in here!

What an adorable County Fair Ribbon! I adore county fairs, the contests, the varied offerings to eat, the animals to pet and coo over, the chickens to ogle!
This fall I hope to enter one of my own creations into the Salem County Fair- a delicious and pretty  fall appropriate pie I've been working on. I've always wanted a blue ribbon- and I know that it will be a nice addition to the kitchen wall of the Coop!

So, what DOES a Salem County Fair ribbon winning still life look like?

I acquired this lovely little painting last year at an auction, the ribbon is so sweet, and the still life is delicious- a wedge of Swiss cheese and a sliced red apple on a cheese board, just waiting for us to take a nibble! There is no signature that I can see, but it is titled on the back of the ribbon- "Cheese Board"- a solid, descriptive and accurate name- forthright and honest, I like that.

La Principessa is culling my art collections right now- as you well know from my previous posts from last spring- we need the funds and the space.
I hope that this sweet piece of art goes to someone who will adore it as much as I do.

Here is a link to the auction on ebaY: "Cheese Board"  
Put into a cunning basket alongside a wedge of Swiss, a few good apples and a real wood board-  this would have a deceptive low price for an original and lovely gift at any occasion!
I'm still worrying over health care plans and legal issues, but I'm here at home enjoying the change of seasons and my Principessa, and I hope to return with another installment on our little story very soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The First Visit, Redux

Hello our dear Everyone!
We're just beginning a short few weeks of legal and medical wrangling- I might not be able to blog more for a bit of time.
Because of the posited paucity of prospective posts(yes, the dreaded double peepee!), I'm offering this quick link to the memory of our first moments visiting Cape Coop. First Visit, Redux . Enjoy reminiscing with us- about the moments when we first stepped foot in our blessed and beloved Cape Coop!