Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend At The Coop

This weekend 
La Principessa was busy with 2 sets of visitors, and I had time to myself. Time to take a solitary walk in the oh-so lovely, cool, clear and clean gray of a Salem April morning, to see the blossoms on a neighbor's tree...

And I had moments alone to ponder this lovely old metal cover embedded in the sidewalk on Broadway...whatever could lie beneath this, and just who was the artist of such a pretty thing?.

There were also secret places of beauty to find around our small town, like this vignette, a cinder block, nestled in a bed of ivy and grasses, near an old ironwork fence on Broadway.

While back at the Coop my latest loaf of bread rested on our wooden board, in anticipation of becoming a batch of my very old fashioned overnight French toast, to please the Monday morning brunch guests at Cape Coop. 

              I so thoroughly enjoyed myself, by myself, out in the early spring weather, and in the kitchen before and after- come for a visit again, kids, I'll feed my soul by feeding you meals, and by taking another quiet walk on my own in this wonderful, lovely, old and very Colonial American town.

Monday, April 12, 2010


La Principessa is selling a cavatelli/gnocchi maker
on eBay,
that I bought SO many years ago,
and never used!
THIS one comes with a personal BONUS ITEM!
Wonder what it can be?
Check out the link!