Thursday, September 10, 2009


We drove past a neighbor's home, a lovely, simple place- next to a pond. A small, handwritten sign, on a post out front, states simply- "Fresh Brown Eggs". La Principessa surely must see this- she has not eaten a truly fresh egg since she was a wee one in South Miami- and doesn't recall the experience. She trod carefully past a few ducks, no doubt denizens of the pond, and knocked on the door- a kindly, sleepy man shuffled out, gave her a nod and a box of eggs- "$1.75 fer the big 'uns- you'll save a quarter if ya' take the smalls." She was so excited, she sprung for "the big 'uns".
And, here they are- lovely, freckled and speckled things.
I taught her how to break them into a bowl, to be sure they aren't fertile, before pouring them lovingly into a skillet, bubbling with a slick of olive oil. Sprinkled with a bit of coarse salt and a few rosemary needles, they fried up right lovely. We laid these lovely, luscious egg jewels on pillows of skillet toasted challah in our favorite green glass bowls- so truly beautiful, fragrant, so good! So, don't fret about coming for a visit now, my lovely loved ones! We may not be unpacked, we may be without some amenities (a table! a sofa! shelves!)- but you are assured a lovely fresh egg, on lovely fresh toast, anytime.

Friday, September 4, 2009


The realtor was amazed to sell us the little house- we were his first out of town internet buyers!
Our friends were amazed that we had found a safe place.
Our family was amazed that we were considering moving into the house.
The inspector was amazed that it was standing.
The attorney was amazed that we WANTED it.
The closing agent was amazed at the tiny price and the tiny buyer.
La Principessa and her dear friends packed our belongings, in an Amazing & Interesting Fashion, and we moved in.