Thursday, September 23, 2010

"I'm actually doing a show. from my shed. on the internet...."

Welcome to our shed!  We are so excited to finally have a place to store garden supplies- and isn't it adorable? It's shaped just like a small outhouse, with a tin roof and a crescent moon cut into the door. I got this kit online about a month ago for such a tiny price. Now, this shed isn't really sturdy or very big, or even weatherproof(how am I going to do that?)- but it was very inexpensive and also too cute to pass up.
The large and heavy box arrived via UPS a few weeks ago and we let it lay in the yard, sunning itself, taking in the rain, waiting to be opened and put together. I haven't been feeling tip top, so things have moving slowly here at the Coop- and this was one more slow thing!

Then, this week, our friend Dallas came to our rescue- he came over in the late afternoon and had the shed put together in a half hour- this piece goes here, this screw goes there- and before I knew it, TA-DA- Cape Coop's first shed was assembled and standing in the rear of the side yard, ready to be weatherized and filled with, well, whatever we acquire for the yard from now on! 
 The little shed, open to the possibilities!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here's A Hug For You & Me!

I am SO happy to share this:  I have received a radiation schedule AND a
prescription for adjunct chemotherapy- today was my first radiation treatment. I am so THRILLED!
I am hopeful that in a month or so I will be improved enough to be a little more active again- and Cape Coop will once again be a topic to share here!