Friday, September 4, 2009


The realtor was amazed to sell us the little house- we were his first out of town internet buyers!
Our friends were amazed that we had found a safe place.
Our family was amazed that we were considering moving into the house.
The inspector was amazed that it was standing.
The attorney was amazed that we WANTED it.
The closing agent was amazed at the tiny price and the tiny buyer.
La Principessa and her dear friends packed our belongings, in an Amazing & Interesting Fashion, and we moved in.


  1. That is wonderful that you are finally are getting settled in! Amazing, in fact! What an equally amazing little cottage!

    Look forward to ongoing posts.


  2. This little cottage feels so snug and safe, it IS amazing! As for settling in, things move slowly for me, I am not the firefly of energy that I once was... and Kiddle IS a quite absent minded soul, after all!

  3. Dear Coop Report,
    Like your rococco unpacking style, we want news news news and pix pix pix, but please, at a leisurely pace and only with ladylike detail...sleep safe and cosy, home at last

  4. I'm not amazed in the slightest, at anything you accomplish---I've always been a firm believer in the Magic of You.

    I'm SO pleased for you, and hope you much Happy in your new home.

  5. Folks, this place is STUFFED to the rafters(which are very small) and we do not even own a couch! UNpacking is as full of inanity as packing was!

  6. Diana,Kristee,Rachel,Betsy- the world is more enjoyable when it's shared with friends- thank you.

  7. Lucky,lucky,lucky you! To die for! :)

  8. We are SO lucky, my happiness posting PeekaBoo! But, not to die for, I hope!;)