Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend At The Coop

This weekend 
La Principessa was busy with 2 sets of visitors, and I had time to myself. Time to take a solitary walk in the oh-so lovely, cool, clear and clean gray of a Salem April morning, to see the blossoms on a neighbor's tree...

And I had moments alone to ponder this lovely old metal cover embedded in the sidewalk on Broadway...whatever could lie beneath this, and just who was the artist of such a pretty thing?.

There were also secret places of beauty to find around our small town, like this vignette, a cinder block, nestled in a bed of ivy and grasses, near an old ironwork fence on Broadway.

While back at the Coop my latest loaf of bread rested on our wooden board, in anticipation of becoming a batch of my very old fashioned overnight French toast, to please the Monday morning brunch guests at Cape Coop. 

              I so thoroughly enjoyed myself, by myself, out in the early spring weather, and in the kitchen before and after- come for a visit again, kids, I'll feed my soul by feeding you meals, and by taking another quiet walk on my own in this wonderful, lovely, old and very Colonial American town.


  1. Oh, so lovely a morning, my Friend, with the air and blossoms and a lagniappe-bit of art wrought by hands most likely gone.

    I envy your guests the hospitality and that glorious bread, and most of all, your company.

    Somehow, my margins seem to be wonky on this, and every word of the first paragraph was down the side, one letter at a time, like a bit of puzzle. I craned my neck and read it downward, drinking in every luscious word.

    It went on for a bit in everyday paragraphs, then one-word-at-a-time

    It may stand as your longest-in-inches post ever.

    An intriguing little puzzle of a post, and one I'll quite remember. It WAS poetry, and happenstance or design brightened it even more.

    And more happy mornings to you and all at Cape Coop.

  2. Ladies, this town is SO lovely! If I thought to bring my camera along with me more often- this blog would have so many of these lower quality photos of mine instead of Elissa's fantastic ones, but so much more quantity- everywhere my eyes turn there is something intriguing to examine- you just wouldn't believe it~ but Elissa says that I say that about EVERY PLACE. Hmmm. And, Rachel, ALL of your comments are poetry. Thank you!

  3. A local community activist saw this post and he told me a bit about that gorgeous metal door- it's the Southern cover to an immense underground cistern in the garden of the Salem Friends Meeting House! He says that it is still in use, as well! Whoa!

  4. My margins were all wonky too and I couldn't read the whole thing but that bread looks wonderful and I love the metal door and the old metal fence.

  5. I can NOT figure out what is wrong with the margins- on our computers the post seems fine, but we were in the Main Street offices and saw the post on their screen- wonky!!!!

  6. I so enjoy times like that..the walks and mystery..and those lovely photos. It was just like I was there...kinda peeking in. I can smell that bread!