Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Broadway Joe's Cafe
I'd upload some more photos but our internet connection is in dismal condition right now(Send comments to Comcast!), but, trust me here, Broadway Joe's is a sweet oasis in our town. The cafe is located right in the middle of Broadway(our "Main Street")- a half block from the post office, City Hall AND the library, and across from some really wonderful shops. Broadway Joe's is just lovely, and unique enough to be worth a weekday veer from the beaten path, if you're somewhere near- to have a visit, have some refreshment, a snack or a meal.
This little place is an eclectic mix of cafe, lunch place, coffeehouse, vintage shop and gallery- you can choose to sit on a sofa, to sip tea and play a game of backgammon with someone, you could choose to sit at a table in the rear and have a meal,  to curl up in a big chair with a book and a glass of iced coffee or you could meet with a client at one of the lovely tables in the front- to discuss business in a quiet yet friendly atmosphere. You can even  do some shopping, they've got furniture, art, books, candles and soaps, even the glass work of a local artist Deb DiMarco- and she IS talented: Deb DiMarco on June16th! Or you can just breeze in and walk to the back of the building and visit with Titan, the world's most tender hearted and well behaved dog- he isn't allowed to roam the cafe, and he doesn't- just patiently lays on the carpet out back, waiting for hugs and pats from his friends. I believe he is a magical blond retriever, but don't hold me to it, I am not much good with breeds, I only know GOOD, and he is.
On some nights Broadway Joe's will remain open and offer karaoke, a live show or  a poetry reading, who knows what will be offered- it's always a surprise.
The only "Joe" there is the java kind- lovely mixes of different coffees- always a decaf available too- and so many teas! Scott and Dallas will feed you, too- they cook whatever looks good at the market every day, so the menu changes often, but there is always a cheese and tomato panini on offer- and oh,no, it is nothing as you would imagine- for instance today's was offered on Scott's freshly baked Jalapeno Cheddar bread, just spicy enough, crispy AND toothsome enough, tomato-y enough to satisfy. The boys make some wonderful baked things every morning, as well- very home style- I'm partial to the scones, always with different fruits thrown in, and perhaps that is the quirk that I love best- the natural exuberance and the joy of just throwing something in because it appeals for the moment- I love that Scott and Dallas embrace that eclectic view .
But, what I love best is that Scott, Dallas and Titan are those rare folks who embrace everyone, they are just true NICE in a world that often isn't- and I KNOW true nice when I meet it.
They have been borrowing my lovely Principessa a bit as of late- ostensibly they need her internet savvy, but really, they are being themselves, just nice, sharing the nice with other nice folk in this tumultuous world.
So, we want to plant in our yard(lovely blueberry plants, rosemary and blackberry, too!) and share it with you, but these things come in their own time at the Coop, and now is the time for nice daily walks together to Broadway Joe's, and that is just right for now.

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