Saturday, June 19, 2010

Under the Rainbow Umbrella

Cawman's Mall Antiques & Things Folks, if you click on the link right before this sentence, you will be taken to the Google map of this Antique Mall's address- and if you go there today, you will be able to meet up with La Principessa and me!
She has packed up the car and we plan to spend our day outside at a table, under our rainbow umbrella, having a garage sale without a garage!
We're taking just a few things- this is our first foray into the world of NJ flea marketing as vendors, you know.
We're selling old cookbooks, lovely knitting pattern books from the 30's through the '70's, 78 records, vintage paintings and needlework pieces, deco glass ware and vintage china,and a box full of old Modern Library books...a set of silver plate flatware in it's original chest, baseball cards in lots and whatever else I can grab on my way out the door in the AM.
We hear that this is a big day, the mall itself is large and houses over 75 vendors, and the outside lot was overbooked- our neighbors Scott and Dallas from Broadway Joe's had to rent space outside of the outside lot! Well, dear friends, near and far, that is the news today- I'll take my camera and ask La Principessa to snap some photos for you... reporting from Cape Coop, this is Madame Big Hen! ;)


  1. Dear, Dear Madame,

    Much love to you both, and a day filled with sunshine, with full pockets and an empty booth at the end of the day.

  2. What she just said! Can't wait to see the photos...:)

  3. Folks, we earned $1.25, a new scanner, an oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie, myriad new friends and exhaustion- no customers and we left by noon! Look for our things on ebay next week!

  4. I like the myriad new friends part!
    Before kids I sold on ebay and loved it! Have fun!

  5. I feel disappointment that my illness keeps me from sharing here more often. I WILL try to remedy that, and soon.