Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jackets and Marathons

Hello, how are y'all doing? We're having a bit of a challenging time at the Coop, but I assure you that things will get better soon, and once my energy is back I will be blogging again!
This upcoming Monday we are going on an adventure and I intend to post about it, after all, adventures in this part of the universe are made possible by our lovely Cape Coop- it seems apropos.
Today, however, I am here to nudge you each a bit. And to beg for your assistance.
You're probably wondering about the photo I've chosen today, what could it mean? Well, that is a photo of my dear old 1960's Christian Dior jacket. Ah, my darling double breasted sweet, my luscious whipped butter colored lovely, with the diamante buttons and matching sheath dress(which I had a tailor eventually cut into the tightest and shortest mini skirt EVER). I ADORED this jacket, I had it for 25 years. My wonderful jacket got me through many a society luncheon, birthday dinner and concert- it could make a black Herve Leger bandage dress look lady-who-lunches appropriate- it could liven up a suddenly dull red silk Bill Blass dress, it could feminize a pair of  leather leggings- and it did all of those things! I treasured that jacket, and when we came to a time when we needed funds, and I was selling anything not nailed down, and, OK, yes, even some things that WERE nailed down, well, I JUST couldn't SELL certain of my special clothes, including dear old Dior Jacket. Why, I had kissed XXX XXXXXX of  XXX XXXXXX in it(and I didn't turn Japanese)! So, I brought it with me to the hospital one day and gave it to a girl who worked in my main oncologist's office- a girl who was always lively, upbeat, overtly friendly, in other words, someone who reminded me of ME! That girl is Abby- and lo, 3 years later, we are still in touch, and she is still a light to know.
My dear friend Abby is running in one of those ubiquitous fundraising marathons. Yes, I KNOW, they're EVERYWHERE and almost EVERYDAY- but this one is special. Abby is special, but that's not the reason this marathon is-this marathon is to help fund the research to CURE Crohn's Disease. Crohn's is a horrid, too awful and painful, chronic and(for now) incurable autoimmune disease that affects the digestive tract, making the life of it's patients VERY difficult, all of the time. Now, autoimmune diseases are getting much more attention than ever before, because they are becoming more common- the time to cure ALL diseases of the autoimmune system is NOW! Research into HIV, lymphomas, MS, MD, Lupus and myriad other chronic and deadly diseases, which are connected in various ways to the autoimmune system, are all intertwined- if we cure one we will have more tools to fight, and eventually cure, all of them!
Abby is running in the  Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon on December 5th in Las Vegas and here is her fundraising page! Abby has made a very modest goal of US$4,000 as her target, but I KNOW that this should be easy to surpass. Our finances at Cape Coop are quite limited, but we give every month, and this month we have chosen to give to Abby's cause- a worthy cause and one that will enhance disease research for MANY other diseases as well as it's intended foe. Please, will you go over to Abby's fundraising page and make a donation, as well? I know that we can cure these diseases if we can just spend the money, so that the scientific community can spend the time. Here is a link to Abby's Blog!
She is fun, witty and a real gift to the world- I know that you'll adore her.

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  1. My daughter's great Uncle Alan Horowitz passed away last week, from complications of Crohn's Disease. He was a vibrant and joyful being and will be sorely missed in this world. He suffered for many years with the effects of this disease. I hope that someday soon we will have a cure for Crohn's Disease.