Thursday, March 3, 2011

The First Visit, Redux

Hello our dear Everyone!
We're just beginning a short few weeks of legal and medical wrangling- I might not be able to blog more for a bit of time.
Because of the posited paucity of prospective posts(yes, the dreaded double peepee!), I'm offering this quick link to the memory of our first moments visiting Cape Coop. First Visit, Redux . Enjoy reminiscing with us- about the moments when we first stepped foot in our blessed and beloved Cape Coop!


  1. Oh, thank you!! That's such a prospective, expectant time, filled with promise and possibility! You step on that strange carpet, inhaling the scents of history, overlaid with cleaner and a wisps of the past occupants.

    And then, the moving in, with all the wheres and what ifs and the boxes-for-tables and opening the just-sealed cartons to be surprised at the real glory of the things you've always loved.

    And soon, that same air is yours, infused with the aromas of good cooking, the spices and the ladylike scents of perfume and powder and bubbles in the bath.

    You've made this sweet house your HOME, and it loves you. What a cozy nest, and what a lovely family to enjoy it.

    I've wished often to have your address again, and if it's ever possible, you know where I am.

    love to you ALL,


  2. House Hunters Salem Edition! Rachel says it all so much better than I and she is absolutely right. The horrors of moving are eclipsed by the joys of finding HOME! My girl is going through this right now, so we are getting a vicarious move, if you will!

    I hope everything goes well in the next few weeks. You are never far from my thoughts.

    Love, Kim

  3. Rachel, you make it sound ever so much better than it IS. I'd so ADORE a bath instead of a shower but the tub, well, it's on our list. Right now I can smell cat litter- that's not a spice!
    Kim,"The horrors of moving"! Yes! And we moved into this house twice- we went to Miami and gathered up my partner's estate and brought it entire into the Coop about a year ago. We SO want to make the Coop an emptier place- and I'm working on that.

  4. Such a cute house. A little doll house. I hope you can post again soon because I want to find out all the details of how you girls actually got the house and moved in and made it work. All of that. So interesting and inspiring. You did it with everything you've been up against.

  5. Dear Debi, Hi!
    We're traveling a few days this week- I'm seeing the doctors and we're considering how to begin more radiation and some systemic treatment- I'll definitely sit down one day and write a little more,though. My discipline is to sit for between 5 and 15 minutes and write whatever comes to my mind. Then we hunt for photos to match my disjointed literary bits! I hope the second chapter of THIS story comes next!