Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh Sole Mio!

Kiddle opened another box and found some more Italian artistry-up it goes on ebaY!
The letter caddy was my faithful desktop compatriot for decades- I even had it on my desk at my first business in 1984!
Now I am using a letter caddy that my wonderful Kiddle made for me.

The tray is GORGEOUS and big- 16½" across and 1" high!

This week's offerings on ebaY!

And here is the fantastic Mario del Monaco singing "Oh Sole Mio"  for us!


  1. What- not Korean food(according to Peter Cherches there is a cafe in south Korea named "Mario del Monaco) or a Del Monico steak(boneless top sirloin) or even Mario del Monaco veal(a dish made with capers and string beans & served at Fragolino in NYC)? :)