Monday, February 21, 2011

What's In That Box, Mom?

Gold Italian Florentine Trays

Gold Italian Florentine Tray
If you follow this link: Italian Trays on ebaY
you will see these oh-so-pretty trays that LaPrincipessa found in a box this weekend.
I used to collect Gilt Florentine "tole" ware, it was so feminine and versatile! We had a wonderful luncheon party once in our yard at the house in South Beach- a house that La Principessa had named SandyGate. I used dozens of these vintage trays on tables and shelves as platters for plates and bowls of food, to gather pitchers and bottles of drink, even to hold the flatware and napkins! It was such a sumptuous yet delicate look- I adored the decor of that party. now it is time for someone else to collect these lovely trays, and it is our turn to gather the funds to renovate the Coop! Kitchen cabinets, here we come!


  1. OK, ladies, I'm in a bidding war! Those pink trays are making me swoon! Love to you both!

  2. We must coordinate, I didn't know that you would be interested in these, Kim!

  3. They look like they belong in Vizcaya! Lovely.