Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wish You Were Here!

SNOW! Doesn't this photograph of Cape Coop look like a vintage postcard? Our little Cape Coop is so sweet, in every season!
La Principessa went out and took these photos of our cozy Cape Coop this morning. The snow had begun to fall a few hours before. When we awoke at *:00 AM or so, we found ourselves surrounded by a soft and chill blanket outside.
Gray, white and black have overtaken the world.
These photographs ARE in color. What is the name of this unusual color, you might ask? First Snow.

Oh! This snow is so soft! Very cold, white, a heavy blanket of powder on every surface. I shoveled the front walk and cleared off the post box a bit later, in hope of attracting the mail carrier. The snow practically floated off of the walkway- it is that soft and dry! We are enchanted.

Our little car, Kim Chee Kia, is even MORE buried now, as it hasn't stopped snowing as yet at 5:00PM, and these photos were taken at 11:00AM. 21 ½ inches so far, according to my tape measure.
Our neighbor's son came by and shoveled the alley for her this morning, and we gave him a hot cup of oolong to warm his dear self. We have heat, we have lunch and tea, and, oh, the world is lovely and quiet.
I look out of my window here and see a flock of birds flying West. I feel sheltered and peaceful.
The world feels so calm and sweet as I look upon the snow outside, there just isn't a proper phrase come to mind to explain.
So, yes, I am homesick, for the warm, the endless summer that is our home state of Florida, but NO, I am not weary of this adventure in Salem, New Jersey. I do not tire of the seasons and the challenge, the lovely of it all. Wish you were here!


  1. The scenery is beautiful, and your house looks cozy and warm.
    I grew up in Syracuse, NY, so I've been there, done that-but you enjoy!

  2. I can't believe that you had so much snow so early in the am. It didn't start "flaking" here until approx. 8:30am. Now it's really piling up. We are warm & cozy too. Thinking of you also...

  3. I just went to the front door to look outside- the path that I shoveled earlier has disappeared!

  4. Oh, my Darlings!!

    What a day!!! This will be a memory for a lot lot lot of people, just your warm words and the blueth of the picture and the sense of HAPPY which pervades your conversation.

    I SO am SO very SO thankful for our meeting over coffee/tea in the garden so long ago, when you strolled in yours and I in mine, and you read my fortune from the leaves, then tumped them out upon a stone for the wind to love.

    Our strollings today must be inside ourselves, though we two here just came in from a frosty drive, with slush dampening my pants legs up six inches, so that I shivered in the car til the heater blasted upon my feet. Now we are home, and a fresh pair of flannels with big goofy-top socks pulled up over are the most comfort there is.

    Sweet dreams to you, my Dearie, and a warm bed and happy waking in your snug home.



  5. Beautiful! Your daughter helped me set up an account so now I can comment. I hope to see you soon!

  6. Oh, did your christmas cards have ice in the mailbox?

  7. K- no ice in our postbox- as you might be able to see, it is a horrid beast- 'greige' plastic- and as such, quite sturdy and weatherproof. But, we abhor it regardless of that strength- it's beyond UGLY and incongruous with Kiddle's vision for the Coop!