Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jelly Is In The House!

Meet Jelly!

Well, folks, it happened, I wore La Principessa down and when I wear someone down I do a very good job!
You see, I've been wanting a dog for years- ever since we lost our dear David Doggie under sad circumstances in 1998- but by the time that we were free from our difficult situation and able to have a dog again we no longer had a home of our own.
Because the loss of David(and our cat, Lulu!) was
so hurtful I vowed to never have a pet that we might not be able to keep forever.
Cats are easy, a litter box, lots of petting and a big window- you've given them cat heaven.
Dogs- well, what if you need to move(or are temporarily homeless?) and the landlord says "no dogs"?
I couldn't chance it.

Then we acquired the Coop!
We had a home, a house of our own!
Nothing can take that from us- we're safe from landlords and the vagaries of other people's hearts now.
We can have a dog and know that we will always have a home for the dear thing.

So, I began my campaign.
At first La Principessa was afraid to think about a dog- she was affected in a serious manner by the loss of our pets way back when, although our dear Lilly has eased the hurt considerably over the past decade.
Her first decree was that we could have a dog if it cost less than 50 dollars.
We went to shelters a lot over the first few months that we owned the Coop; I was determined to find a dog that would break down her resistance.
Unfortunate for us, the county we live in seems to receive predominantly Dobermans, Pit Bulls and the ubiquitous"mix" that is really a Pit Bull under the witness protection program.
La Principessa was having none of them- they made her feel unsteady- so she said "NO, NO, & NO" many times.
But I didn't give up.
I got us the Coop, didn't I?
I am still fighting the lymphoma and still on my own feet, aren't I?
I can achieve anything, for I'm MOMMY- La Principessa says so all of the time, and who am I to dispute her opine?
We would have a dog.

A few months ago, I was envying a friend's dog on Facebook and my dear daughter chimed in with a post- "You can have a dog if it's free".
WELL, send me a challenge, why don't you?
I began looking on Craigslist and found a few free dogs, all Pit Bulls though- Kiddle said "NO".
Was she backing out on her word? Hmmph.

Last Friday Kiddle was contacted by an Amazon client who is a dog breeder - would we like her book collection?
She is moving to a farm in upstate NY and lightening her load.
Um, yes, we would, thank you very much and by the way Mommy has been campaigning for a dog but Kiddle's decree is it must be a free dog and all we have found so far are Pit Bulls.
Well, they chatted and we went to pick up the books in the late afternoon, and our client(and now FRIEND!) GAVE Mommy  an amazing, cute, adorable, delicious, frisky puppy, a five month old Rat Terrier!
The name on her papers is Snow Bunny, but we have renamed her-  
                              Isn't she just the sweetest little creature?    
                                I love her. 
                         Thank you, Kiddle.
                        Thank you for Jelly!
          And for your presence in this world. 
                           I love YOU.


  1. Oh, My DEAR!!! What a little charmer! And such a bright, sweet addition to the family---I can just feel that soft coat, with the warm pink heartbeat just racing to be up and doing.

    I'm so pleased for you---our FuzzyPup has been such a sweet addition to our own family---quite unexpected and never really thought of, until DD had to part with him for several months when they were transferred out of state for a training course.

    She just kept saying, "If you grow to love him, or get too attached, he's yours." And so he is, his long champagne Winter coat now buzzed into the Sarge cut, with his Rapunzel ears clipped across like a Dutch-Boy bob.

    He's such a sweet little companion---outside on his leash this minute, exploring all his range, then lying in the patio sunshine. I know he likes it here, especially being able to relax without a yappy little nipper interrupting his nap, or an immense mouth engulfing his whole head in a drooly gnaw.

    Our neighbors had a little boy rat terrier when I was a teen, and Jack was the most athletic little animal I'd ever seen---he could be standing on the floor one second, and the next he was in your lap, without your ever even noticing his muscles tense to spring---just WSSSSP and he was all joy in your arms.

    Your are starting a wonderful fresh beginning with this bright little presence, and may she bring you great happiness in her lively, sweet way. All those pit bulls were sent there to audition, you know, to keep the place open until Jelly could arrive. She was YOURS all the time.

    Much love and kibbly sunshine from here to there!!


  2. Rachel- I SO adore Jelly- she has turned out to be deaf- we're having a lot of fun figuring out how to train her with hand signals and touch.

  3. That makes her even more special. She needs you.

    I had to crack up--the Pit Bull Protection Program! So true!

  4. Congratulations! She looks like quite the love bug -- you have much loving and snuggling (and training) ahead.

    I recently lost my dogs in my divorce, and I miss them terribly. Unable to have a dog in my present circumstances, but someday....again. And yes, losing them is the terrible downside to loving them. But ain't that the truth in life?

    BTW, one of my doggies is a Pit Bull/Lab Mix. Poor Pitties get a really bad rap, but please explore them on the internet -- Helen Keller's guide dog was a pit. They are actually very sweet and loving dogs, honestly.

    Enjoy your sweetie!

  5. Thanks for writing Tara! I'm so sad that you've lost your dogs. Believe me, we understand how awful the loss of a pet companion is. I hope that knowing that we have overcome our losses and now have pets in our lives is a comfort to you.
    You can have a cat in most apartments- our first "recovery" pet was a cat- and she is such a tonic to our hearts!
    It IS sad that those breeds have been overbred for violence, I know. They were such a noble breed decades ago.

  6. Debi- Jelly such a cute thing- and she gets Elissa out of bed early, too. That makes us WINNING! ;)