Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Kitchen Plan, A Transplant Dance

This is our current kitchen setup. The lower cabinets are unusable and the interiors are damaged beyond repair, they just hold up the sink.
There are a few holes in the flooring, but we don't mind- it is wonderful to have a floor, and we know it!

The refrigerator is funky, the interior of the freezer is odd, but we can not imagine buying a replacement, why spend the money on something unnecessary, yes?
BUT, it is so difficult to use this partial kitchen, I've wearied of it over the past few years.
As well, now that I can no longer use my hands, the cooking and cleaning is left to Elissa- she is ill equipped to handle the limitations of a kitchen with no cabinets and no dishwasher, sweet soul that she is. 
She braves it every day though, my little trouper, and she is becoming quite the accomplished home cook as well!
I bought a dishwasher on Craigslist two years ago, for Elissa's birthday.
A lovely machine, maybe ten years old, in excellent condition, with a steel interior!
I promised her that we would someday have a kitchen and the dishwasher was the first step, it sits under a window, waiting to be installed, lovely old thing.

I am hanging on for a stem cell transplant, August is our target date, and we have a 10/10 match- perfection in transplant speak, very exciting news, I know! 
I've been deteriorating, but now I am steadfast in my desire to BE here for that transplant, and we are doing everything possible to get to the magical moment!
Well, I just don't want to leave Elissa with this mess of a kitchen, just in case. 
I've been hunting for used cabinets everywhere, and I even had Elissa drive us to the local Habitat For Humanity Re-Store about a month ago, to see what they had. 
Believe me, getting me bandaged and out of the house to do that bit of shopping was an ORDEAL, but, it seems that I was meant to be at that charity shop on that day, because the nicest man working there handed me a telephone number as we were leaving AND  I called the number AND spoke with this lovely woman named Debra Behnke AND she worked some magic AND it seems that we will be getting a basic kitchen set up from some kind folks in our small town!
SO- Many folks have been asking how they can help us. 
My loved ones all know that I have trouble accepting help and gifts, but I have recently worked on this flaw in my heart and I am learning to graciously and gratefully accept the helpful kind of affection.

This kitchen is something that I can not do on my own, especially in the condition I am now in, so by helping us get a kitchen, well, it is a mitzvah of great import, in my mind.

You can contact  Debra Behnke, she is lovely and easy to communicate with, and ask how you may assist- by funding the kitchen repairs- or help in putting in things, or you can offer her supplies, you can write to her via post or email, or you can telephone her- whatever form of help you care to give is welcome and appreciated!

Salem County Office of Disability Services
ATTN: Debra Behnke 
Administration Building 
94 Market Street 
Salem, NJ 08079
Telephone: 856-935-7510 x8316 or x8311 or x8598

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