Friday, February 15, 2013

Let Me Share My Voice & Visage!

Here is a link for ANYONE ages 18-44 to register, FREE!
Here is our Be The Match web page, which includes that registration link AND updates on scheduled drives AND opportunities to support this financially:
Be The Match Let's Save Rebecca!



    How wonderful it is to see you, and how radiantly you shine and speak.

    What a spokeswoman you make for such a cause, and how I pray for all that is healing and good for you.

    Your voice is strong and it's such a blessing to see your smile. You know, on the phone, even when you've been weakened to a whisper, I could still hear the smile and the love in your voice.

    My best love to you and dear Kiddle. Stay warm and remember you have a faraway friend who thinks of you ALL the time.

    love and,


  2. Rachel is right. You ARE a wonderful spokesperson. Your kindness shows in your face. As you know, I got swabbed. My dream would be if I was your match. Is this video on Facebook? It's really good and I'd love to share it.

  3. Thank you folks! Yes, the video is on FB,it's hosted on YT, feel free to share!