Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's OFFICIAL(finally, whew!). 
I go into the hospital December 7th and receive the transplanted stem cells on December 13th. We have decided that I am going to undergo a "mini" or nonmyeloablative transplant. This kind of transplant involves less invasive and less system suppressing treatment in preparation for the actual procedure, so I will, hopefully, have an easier time AFTERWARDS. I am receiving very careful and caring treatment, at every hospital and clinic and office. I am grateful, and I know that I am very blessed. B"H.


  1. Oh, what wonderful news! I'm just so glad to hear about the less-invasive and the quicker appointment---answered prayers, answered prayers.

    Someday, my Dearest, I'll tell you the very special meaning this day has for me, as well. A whole new life for me, so long ago, so it's doubly special that we share this date of importance.

    Must get back to work---still cleaning out the inexpressible store-room and want to get some of this stuff off to Goodwill.

    I'll float on your news all day!

    Love you stars in the sky,


    Your number has disappeared off my phone list---could you please call sometime when it's convenient for you? We're going to friends for dinner tonight, but I'm always home otherwise.


  2. Wishing it all goes more smoothly than imaginable. Good news indeed.